Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo is extremely practical, reserved, intuitive, trustworthy, motivated and industrious. Read how to calculate your Moon Sign.

The Virgo Moon Personality

Virgo Zodiac Sign

As opposed to the Sun that has an association with the way your ego or outer personality acts and reacts, the Moon in your birth chart represents your emotions, intuitions and nurturing abilities.

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The Virgo Moon personality has keen mental powers, common sense, and an intelligent, thoughtful approach to life.

You analyse everything to the smallest detail to find the best solution to a problem. You have a tendency to criticise and need to feel appreciated. You have high expectations of others – as of yourself.

You have a practical nature and you use your ability to separate emotions and facts to deal effectively with emotional issues.

There is a strong focus on your physical health and wellbeing and you can be fanatical when it comes to hygiene and neatness. You will do well to learn tolerance in order to protect your sensitive digestive system.

Soul Journey of the Virgo Moon: Your soul goals are to transcend extreme perfectionism, judgmentalism and the setting of unattainable standards for yourself and others. Use your higher will to purify your mind and emotions by practising harmlessness in thought and deed. You would excel in world service work.

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