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How to Love

Wondering how to love best?

It's easy to fall in love, but not always so easy to make a relationship work for you. If you're wondering how to love truly and fully, author Russ Harris has some advice. He has a very workable acronym for the word ‘LOVE.’ To fully love, you have to do the following:

The How to love acronym

 L – Letting go

O – Opening up

V – Valuing

E - Engaging

Let’s explore these elements as they may relate to your relationship...

The four elements of love

1. How to Love by Letting Go

Your mind is a master story-teller and continually comes up with thoughts about your life. Some of these stories your mind tells you are true – but many are based on your perceptions, judgments, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, fantasies, ideas, concepts, opinions… well, you get the idea. Your mind is particularly good at reminding you of lots of terrible things that happened in the past, and conjuring up dreadful images of what may go wrong in the future. It also likely points out all your partner’s faults and weaknesses, and makes lots of judgments about your relationship. Letting go is about understanding that just because you think something, doesn’t mean it’s true! If you hold on too tightly to all these stories, they have the power to drag you down to the depths of despair. However, if you just loosen your grip a little and let some of them go, you may find it in your heart to let go of any possible blaming, resentment, bitterness, worrying or criticizing that have the power to make you so unhappy. The more you practice the ability to let go of your own thoughts rather than hold on to them, the better you are able to respond to the ongoing challenges of being in an intimate relationship. To make this as practical as possible, I would like you to answer the following question: To enhance your relationship, what unhelpful expectations, rules, judgments and criticisms could you let go of?

2. How To Love by Opening Up

Being in an intimate relationship is a rich playground for the appearance of painful feelings. When we’re in pain, we tend to shut down – from our partners, and even from ourselves. The more pain we’ve experienced in our lives (and most people have been through a lot!) the thicker are the barriers of self-protection that we erect. However, if you want your relationship to thrive, sooner or later, you have to take those barriers down. Opening up can make you feel very vulnerable in the beginning, but there is such a wonderful pay-off. It is called true intimacy. It’s impossible to have a rich, rewarding relationship without intimacy after all! And isn’t that exactly what you’re longing for with your partner? Again, ask yourself, how can you open yourself up more to your partner in order to create more intimacy and connection?

3. How to Love by Valuing

With valuing I mean taking action in the direction of your values. For example, you may value family and want to make your relationship work for the sake of your family. Then it becomes about taking action based on your values rather than on your needs. So, consider what are your values underlying family, caring and connection, intimacy? Which of your values may be more important than any needs you may have (if any) and what actions are you willing to take to support your values in terms of your relationship with your partner? Are you willing to explore new ways to enhance your relationship with your partner, and if so, how?

4. How to Love by Engaging

Engaging means being emotionally present to your partner and focusing on him with genuine interest and caring. The more you open yourself up to him and engage – whether in communication or intimacy – the stronger and deeper your connection will be. Therefore, how can you engage more with your partner in communication and sharing?

If you train yourself to think of LOVE as an ongoing process, something that you can hold onto even when the feelings of love are absent (because remember, feelings come and go much like the weather), you can truly bond on a deep level where there can be a ‘total sharing of emotions, sensations and feelings’ – exactly what most of us are longing for! 

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