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Love kisses have the power to transport you to another world – one that is occupied only by lips, tongues and the scrumptious sensations generated by an ocean of sensory apparatus. Mouths are packed with nerve endings and remarkably responsive, which is why a good kiss gets your knees trembling, your heart racing and your groin aching.

All about Kisses and Kissing

Love Kisses

Scrumptious Sensations...

Our appetite for kissing seems to have its roots in mother love. It is believed that long ago, mothers fed their babies by transferring food mouth-to-mouth, like birds. Yet there is more to mouth-to-mouth intimacy than simple nourishment. Ancient lovers believed that a kiss would literally unite their souls. Spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath, and in kissing, lovers could taste each other’s soul.

At its best, kissing allows you to overcome past inhibitions, to experiment, to display what is private and expose what we normally protect. Simultaneously, love kisses take you beyond yourself to connect deeply with those you love.

Romantic Kisses

Most Romantic Kisses Ever!

Ah, romantic kisses! Exquisite memories brimming with anticipation; the when, where and how of it; love's sublime delight...

Kissing Quotes

Delightful Kissing Quotes

Kisses can be innocent, pure, friendly, loving, or intensely passionate. Lovers often say that kissing somebody is more intimate than making love. Also see,

Best Kiss Quotes

First Kiss Stories

First Kiss Stories

A while ago I hosted a 'first kiss stories' contest on My friends on JN shared fond memories of their very first kisses and I'd love to share some of their tales with you.

Best Movie Kisses

Ten Best Movie Kisses of All Time

Want to discover the ten best movie kisses of all time? Hollywood love scenes are usually memorable because of what starts with a kiss. Not just any kiss, mind you... the kind that makes the earth move and time stand still...

Useful Kissing Tips

I have sourced a delightful video for you on how to be a good kisser. There's some good advice presented with just the right touch of humour. And if you enjoyed reading all about hearts and kisses here, I invite you to explore the following pages too:

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