Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius is friendly, intuitive, progressive and humane. Read more on how to calculate your Moon Sign.

The Aquarius Moon Personality

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Your Moon sign gives information about your intuitive abilities, imagination, feelings and nurturing skills. It also shows how you react to the past.

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An Aquarius Moon imparts an independent, stimulating mind and a fascination with the unconventional. You’re broadminded and take people as you find them. You say what you think and are focused on finding solutions to problems. You may do things to shock or surprise others out of their complacency.

You’re not particularly emotional by nature and others might think of you as a little abrupt and unfeeling. Sometimes you’re perceived to be aloof and remote, but it’s really just that you have to have emotional freedom. You dislike commitment.

You have a persuasive charm that makes you a popular friend. You select your friends very carefully and only allow a select few to get close. Friendships become family bonds. You reject traditional and conventional types of relationships.

Soul Journey of the Aquarius Moon: Your soul goals are about purifying fixed desires for gratification and becoming emotionally stable. You are to develop group consciousness and will do well to speak up on the violation of human rights and use your potential for compassionate world service.

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