Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon have played a vital part in every civilisation since the very beginning of time.

The Lunar Cycle

Phases of the Moon

The eight phases of a lunar cycle can be compared with the growth of a seed. The journey from infancy to becoming a full-grown plant is the metaphor for your own life, from birth to babyhood through growth and adolescence, into adulthood and eldership towards fullness, and, as old age sets in, the stages of decay, disappearance towards death and rebirth. ~ Jeanni Monks

The Moon’s eight phases depict the moving and changing angular distances between the Sun and Moon in their monthly cycle. This cycle follows a pattern of the Moon increasing and decreasing in light as she separates from the Sun and then returns back to him. The successive phases of the Moon cycle describe the process by which all life unfolds and continually renews itself.

The Full Moon is the phase where the Sun is opposite to the Moon and it is this phase that has the greatest pull on the oceans of the planet as well as the emotions of the humans and animals on Earth. The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon come together. This occurs when the night sky is dark without a Moon. The Full Moon is good for ending things and the New Moon is the absolute best time to begin something new.

’The Moon’s journey through its waxing and waning phases assists you in understanding the regular pattern of sequential events in your existence and purpose.’

When the Moon is gradually showing more and more of its illuminated surface, it is called waxing, which also means to grow in size, strength and power. When the Moon is gradually showing less and less of its illuminated surface, it is called waning, which also means to decrease in size, strength and power.

The Moon is gibbous when it is more than half illuminated and less than full. The word gibbous means ‘humpbacked’.

The moon repeats its cycle approximately every 29 and a half days. This figure is slightly less than the average number of days in a month, so occasionally there are two full moons in a month. This occurs approximately every 2.7 years. When this second occurrence of the moon in a month happens, it is called a ‘blue moon’, hence the saying, ‘once in a blue moon’.

Each season normally has three full moons. Occasionally, there are four. The Moon spends approximately 2.25 days in each sign.

The particular phase of the Moon you were born under reflects facets of your soul’s potential in this lifetime. Knowing your Moon Sign gives you tremendous insight into where you are on the karmic wheel of life.

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