Reflections on Mother Love

Welcome to my page on mother love and reflections on the joys of motherhood.

The Joys of Motherhood

Mother Love

Women the world over find fulfillment in mother love. In fact, those women who choose not to have children tend be the exception to the rule. Also, some women long for the fulfillment of motherhood, but are never able to have that in their lives. For those, this is a truly sad situation. Being a mother teaches a woman things that no other job in her life has the ability to do. The positive emotions, as well as the challenges, bring out the best and worst in any person. Overcoming and embracing these things brings many benefits, as well as deep and abiding personal growth that only the sacrifice of parenting can provide.

Can You Ever Truly Know What to Expect?

Women who were raised in large families tend to anticipate what raising their own children will be like. While the love of a sibling can be a small taste of what motherhood will bring, it just can't come close to the joy and connection that you will feel when you first taste mother love. There is a connection with your own children that no other relationship can quite touch. For some mothers, this is initially overwhelming, but you will soon grow into this new role. Also, don't feel that the love you have for your firstborn will make it impossible for you to add siblings to the mix. Like anything, your ability to love and nurture will grow with each new experience of motherhood.

The Taste of Responsibility

Many people, men and women, spend much of their life dodging any situation in which they are required to take responsibility. After all, it's much easier to just focus on yourself and what your immediate wants and needs are. However, being a parent is one of the quickest ways to give that taste of responsibility. When you have children, you don't have the luxury of being too introspective; instead, you automatically see things as how they would best benefit the development and safety of your children. Don't look at this as a negative thing. It is impossible to claim your place in an adult society without accepting responsibility. Often, parents find that they had strengths and resources that they never knew were there.

Don't Forget to Have Fun

Parents just plain laugh more, one would think. After all, who can keep a straight face when exploring with and enjoying the antics of these small people- and people they are! Fully autonomous little people with their own unique personality. These are some of the best moments of motherhood, bringing out mother love that is deep and fulfilling. Let your hair down when your kids want to have fun; get dirty with them and learn together.

When You Lose Yourself, You Find Yourself

This point is really so cliché, but there is probably nothing that makes more parents, mothers especially, nod in agreement than this sentiment. Like most things, it can be hard to understand if you haven't experienced it. However, losing yourself in service to family and children becomes a way to find the best and most beautiful traits that are in your person. Children can be frustrating, to say the least. However, they make you a better person as you strive to work with them, guide them and develop their traits in the most positive direction. In the process, you develop yourself as well, often without even noticing.

Parenthood is not the panacea for all of life's ills, necessarily. However, motherhood brings beauty and purpose into the lives of millions of women. You will likely never feel the depth of love that surges upon you when you look into the eyes of your child. This mother love is something that is much sought, but not always found. As a woman, what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to create it in your own life.

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