Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer personality is friendly, sensitive and sympathetic. Read how to calculate your Moon Sign.

The Cancer Moon Personality

Cancer Zodiac Sign

The Sun is the dominant orb in our Solar System, but the Moon in your birth chart relates to your emotions, intuitions, imagination and nurturing abilities.

You react to things in an instinctive way and are deeply sensitive to your environment. You’re strongly attached to your home and family and highly protective of your loved ones.

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Cancer Moon Sign personalities have a warm-hearted, romantic nature. You are compassionate, nurturing and may have strong psychic abilities. You dislike conflict intensely and will withdraw within your shell rather than face things.

You’re good at creating new ideas and finding solutions for problems. You will do well if you can learn to flow with your emotional highs and lows.

As much as the Cancer Moon personality insists that it wants peace and quiet, you’re also very good at attracting the limelight. You have a charismatic personality filled with sensitivity and imagination.

Soul Journey of the Cancer Moon: Your soul goals are to purify extreme emotional patterns that threaten to submerge you in the emotional highs and lows of life. You need to develop the intellectual ability to balance reactivity, and in so doing to create reality-based life structures rather than fantasy ones.

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