Moon Signs Astrology

Moon signs astrology helps you to understand the hidden parts of your personality, in particular, the side of you that reacts before you have time to think.

Moon Signs Astrology Explained

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Most of us know our Sun sign, but it's just as important to know your Moon sign. Your Moon sign is the zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born.

The Moon is an unconscious force that represents your emotions, instincts and subconscious mind. It's your most intimate self: the side of your personality that you only show to those people who are closest to you; the part that reacts instinctively before you have time to think.

Think about it like this: your Sun sign shows the surface layer of your personality, while your Moon sign goes so much deeper. But for this very reason, you may not be aware of your Moon sign tendencies. If you'd like to understand yourself a little bit better, then the energy of the Moon can guide your life.

During major transitions in your life, moon signs astrology can bring a lot of insight. Understanding the esoteric core needs of your Moon sign can bring about a sense of the inner emotional security you need to survive and thrive. Through its constant waxing and waning cycle, the Moon reveals how you respond instinctively and emotionally to your environment.

What is my moon sign?

To find out your Moon sign, enter your details in the moon sign calculator.

The significance of the 12 Moon signs is outlined below.

Moon in Aries: An Aries Moon represents a quick mind, an outspoken nature, and an inability to live under other people’s rule. The Moon in Aries personality needs to be independent. You are direct in your expression, with a fiery, impulsive and passionate emotional temperament. You are also deeply creative and need challenges to keep you from getting bored. You may have a tendency for impatient displays of temper and can be incredibly competitive. So stay busy, move your body and step up your meditation practice to help you slow down and act less impulsively.

Moon in Taurus: A Taurus Moon provides you with a sensitive, sensual personality that needs love and security. One of your best qualities is your wisdom and you also have plenty of endurance. You move slowly but it's because you need time to figure out the best course of action. Once you know, you make solid decisions. The Moon in Taurus personality has a conservative outlook and you develop attachments to people as well as things. You suppress your emotions and feel uncomfortable with change. In fact, you can be a real comfort junkie at times. With your heightened senses, you can easily develop addictions, so be careful... Spend plenty of time in nature and keep a journal for reflection.

’Moon Signs Astrology reflects facets of your soul’s potential. Your Moon’s journey involves opening yourself up to your intuitive soul memories to allow the nurturing guidance of the higher soul self to nourish and heal you.’

Moon in Gemini: A Moon in Gemini personality has a witty intellect, an independent spirit, and an imaginative sparkle to your personality. The Moon in Gemini imparts a need for variety and diversity, as well as challenges in expressing emotion. However, you speak your truth - both in verbal form and the written word. Relationships are important to you and stimulating conversation is a must. One of your challenges is managing your mood swings, so take care of yourself by grounding your energy through meditation practices. 

Moon in Cancer: A Moon in Cancer makes for a charismatic personality filled with sensitivity and imagination. Moon Sign personalities have a warm-hearted, romantic nature. You are compassionate, nurturing and ultra-protective. You're strongly attached to your family, and your home life is very important to you. It will do you good to sometimes retreat into your own space just for a bit of balance. Don't be afraid to express the intensity of your emotions - the last thing you want to do is bottle them up. Cry if you want to, and ask for hugs and cuddles when you need them. Trust your intuition - you are definitely psychically inclined. Consider wearing protective crystals for protection.  

Moon in Leo: A Moon in Leo imparts a great sense of dignity and an instinct for leadership. You are generous and magnetic, with a tendency to be a tad arrogant. You can be expressive and dramatic, and your creativity is one of your best traits. You love to control everything, but you're also gifted with an affectionate, outgoing nature. You need a lot of attention - so ask for it when you need it. Having fun is high on your list of priorities. So go out... have a ball!

Moon in Virgo: The Moon in Virgo personality has keen mental powers, common sense, and an intelligent, thoughtful approach to life. You have a tendency to criticise - yourself and others, and desperately need to feel appreciated. You like an organised environment, and health and hygiene are high on your priority list. Make sure to take time out to relax. Use lavender essential oils and go for a walk in nature. You'll also do well to keep a journal to express your feelings in a private space.

Moon in Libra A Moon in Libra gives you a polished, charming interpersonal style. You are relationship oriented, and have a great need to relate to others harmoniously and feel a sense of peace. You have a tendency for sitting on the fence, but possess an instinct for fairness. Your greatest gift is an artistic vision. You've got great taste and like the nicer things in life, so make sure that you decorate your private space in a way that feels delicious to you. You will do well to try your hand at various arts and craft activities, and you'll also benefit from meditation and yoga. Self-care is particularly important since you give so much of yourself to others.

Moon in Scorpio: The Moon in Scorpio personality has a strong inner core of self-reliance. You are intensely emotional and have psychic tendencies. You have a magnetic flair for influencing others, but struggle with trust, which can lead to manipulating others to get your needs met. A Moon in Scorpio imparts an arresting sensuality and passionate emotions. You need loyalty and can be secretive, hiding your vulnerability. You need a lot of private time to process your emotions. You will benefit from carrying crystals with you for protection as you are so sensitive to energies in your environment. Nothing surface level does it for you, so invest your time in focusing on the deeper truths of life.

Moon in Sagittarius: A Sagittarius Moon provides you with a love for learning and humanitarian instincts. You need a lot of freedom to explore the world and are not fond of having too many responsibilities. You are an independent thinker and can be self-righteous in pursuit of the truth. You're also generally happy and light-hearted and love to explore different things. Indulge in your love of traveling as often as you can - even if you just take mini-excursions to a new restaurant or a new part of town. Go out and party - you know you want to! 

Moon in Capricorn: The Moon in Capricorn personality needs to be respected. You work hard and you're very good at what you do. You are gifted with persistence, an instinct for excellence, and an ambitious and powerful personality, but often struggle with guilt and resentment. You will do well if you can release your need for control and allow your emotions to flow. Don't be so hard on yourself. Try a new hobby and don't be afraid to explore the new.

Moon in Aquarius: An Aquarius Moon imparts an independent, stimulating mind and a fascination with the unconventional. You are naturally detached and value emotional freedom. You also tend to feel uncomfortable with intense emotions and commitment. You'll do well to express your needs whenever you feel misunderstood. Don't shut people out - you have a persuasive charm that makes you a popular friend. 

Moon in Pisces: The Moon in Pisces personality has a sympathetic heart and needs to be of service to others. You're highly sensitive, emotional and compassionate - watch out for psychic and emotional overload. You have to take care of YOU. You have an artistic temperament and often yearn for something that can never be attained. You have a great capacity for doing work that will make a lasting impression. Be selective of who you hang around. Fatigue is an issue in your life, so aim for a flexible schedule and regular naps. 

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