Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus is intuitive, determined, persistent and resourceful. Read how to calculate your Moon sign.

The Taurus Moon Personality

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Apart from your emotions and intuitive abilities, the Moon in your birth chart also relates to your home life, imagination and nurturing abilities. It shows how you deal with the past.

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The Taurus Moon personality is intuitive, determined, persistent and resourceful. A Taurus Moon gives you a sensitive, sensual personality that needs love and stability. Material security is extremely important to you. You have a conservative outlook and are as attached to people as to things. You have a reputation for being rather possessive and you can also display fits of envy and jealousy.

You’re good-natured and sympathetic to the feelings of others. You’re willing to lend a helping hand where needed.

You’re notoriously stubborn and once you’ve formed a way of feeling about something, you’re highly reluctant or unable to change it. You’re usually good-natured but when your slow-simmering temper is aroused, it can lead to an explosion.

Moon in Taurus personalities are prone to over indulgences in the intake of food and drink.

A Taurus Moon gifts endurance.

Soul Journey of Moon in Taurus: Your soul goals are to purify and discipline your lower self desires and bullheaded emotions. You will be wise to learn that security is within and true happiness is the result of transcending personal desires and letting go of attachments. In exaltation, this Moon sign will lack for nothing in the way of material security, provided you use what you have for the highest good of all.

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