Healing with Crystals

Though it is difficult to point out the exact time in history that healing with crystals first started, there is evidence of the use of crystals by a number of ancient cultures. An ancient Egypt papyrus dated circa 1600BC documented the healing power that certain precious stones such as quartz, malachite, red jasper, carnelian and lapis lazuli, had on the human body.

Crystals for Healing

Healing Crystals

Indeed, some historians believe that crystal healing in Egypt goes as far back as 3500BC. Patients would wear the crystals around the neck, a fairly closely related precursor to how crystal healing is applied today. Other cultures such as the Mayan and American Indians believed that healing crystals held the ability to diagnose illness and start the healing process. The Chinese have long held a fascination with the healing power of jade stones.

The Power of Healing Crystals

The explanation for the power of crystal healing has continued to evolve over time. Today, many crystal healing practitioners attribute the curative ability of the stones to the perfect vibration frequency that they possess. When these stones are placed on or close to certain energy points on the human body (referred to as chakra points), they alter the energy points on the body having imperfect vibration (hence the illness) and transform it into perfect vibration.

During crystal healing, different stones are sometimes used for different energy points of the body. This is because different stones possess different types of perfect vibration energy. One of the most widely accepted practice has been to place stones whose color correspond to the part of the body where it is placed. The energy points start from the tail bone and go all the way to the top of the head. Stones placed closer to the tail bone are usually red and the colors change to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally violet on the patient's head. That said, clear quartz stones are thought to have one of the most potent vibration energies and remain very popular for the practice of healing with crystals.

Healing crystals would normally be used with the recipient lying on a flat surface so that the stones can be placed on the chakra points. But this is not the only way crystals can be used for curative purposes. As was done in ancient Egypt, the crystals can be worn as a collar or a necklace pendant. However, in order to harness the complete power of the stones, how the stone is set on a necklace is important. The crystals should not be covered by any metal as this blocks their power. A recommended approach is to string them on non metallic material such as silk.

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When you are choosing crystals, remember that quality and natural is key. Watch for inclusions, scratches and dyeing. Dyeing is a particular important thing one must look out for. You can identify a dyed crystal by comparing the color of the crystal with the color of any cracks it has. If the color of the cracks is darker, then the crystal color is not natural.

Enjoy a beautiful crystal healing meditation to tune into your own path and open your heart to love and light.

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