Romantic Love

There is no doubt that romantic love has been reinvented in the modern age. So what does romance look like in the 21st century?

Modern Love

Two White Doves in Love Since time began, love has been mankind's primary obsession. We just love to be in love and we still believe in happy endings. So even if some things stay the same, love in the new millennium has evolved to become all about choice.

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Today, we can choose to stay single, we can live together, and we can marry who-ever we choose. What was once considered taboo in relationships, has now (almost!) become the norm. We've come a long way from the conservative 1940s and 1950s where any love match that wasn't considered to be the societal norm risked becoming ostracised by society and even their own families.

The question today is whether we use our freedom well. As much as we still fall headlong into romantic love, it seems that partnership has become challenging when two individuals row their boats in different directions. The reality of many modern day couples is how we have to juggle the demands of parenthood and full-time work. Then there is the increase of divorce and the difficulties single parents face, as well as those couples navigating the complexities of establishing new romantic relationships with children in tow.

And don't forget the impact of the digital world on modern love and romance. Technology has redefined the way many people meet and form relationships. Rules of the dating game have changed.

And of course, falling in love is one thing, but staying in love? If you're wondering how, make sure to visit my page on how to save a relationship.

Love has no guarantees and what will never change, is that it requires a leap of faith. As many challenges as we're faced with in today's world, I haven't given up on romance ~ and I sincerely hope you won't either...

I hope you enjoy my selection of romantic love pages.

Love and Romance

Falling in Love Couple

Falling in Love:
There is nothing more exciting than the feeling of falling in love. Explore the biochemistry of being and falling in love.

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Loving Couple

Definition of Soulmate:
Soulmates come in many forms and play various roles in our lives. We look at what makes a soulmate different and where to find one.

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Romantic Couple on Date

Romantic Date Ideas: When you put yourself out there on the dating field, romance rules!

* Romantic Surprise Ideas

* Gift Ideas for Her

* Romantic Birthday Surprises

Love Letter with Pink Rose

Romantic Love Letters to Copy: There is no better way to express your love than writing a love letter.

* Love Letters to Read

* Love Letters to Him

* Love Letter: A Poem

Romantic Love Song

* Best Love Songs: Find the best love songs to put you in a romantic mood.

* List of Love Songs

* Love Song Lyrics

* Romantic Songs for Valentines Day

Romantic Kiss

Romantic Kisses:
What is romance without a kiss?

* First Kiss Stories

* Kissing Quotes

Love Poetry

Romantic Poetry: Enjoy love poetry? Find a variety of beautiful romantic poems written by a variety of love poets.

* Love Poets

* Love Poems for Him

* Love Poems by Maya Angelou

Online Dating

Cyberlove: Technology today has revolutionised the way many people meet and form relationships. In the past, love was much more private. Now, public seems to be the new private!

* Online Love Tips

* Finding Love on the Internet

Romantic Text Message

Romantic Text Messages:
Put the magic back in your relationship by sending simple little text messages.

* SMS Love Text

* Text the Romance Back

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Falling in Love

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