Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces is imaginative, sensitive, and caring. Read more on how to calculate your Moon Sign.

The Pisces Moon Personality

Moon in Pisces Zodiac Sign

Your Moon sign represents your natural and intuitive reactions to everything in your environment. It also provides information about your emotional life, nurturing abilities and how you deal with the past.

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The Pisces Moon personality has a sympathetic heart and needs to be of service to others through idealistic compassion. Being shy, you prefer to remain in the background but will work hard for the benefit of others.

You’re very sensitive to emotions in your environment whether from humans or animals. You tend to be swayed easily and even sometimes controlled by the emotions of other people and are therefore easily taken advantage of. You experience wild mood swings and often feel that you are drained of energy particularly when you’ve spent any length of time around other people in emotionally charged situations.

You may have strong psychic abilities. You have an artistic temperament and often yearn for something that can never be attained. People born under this Moon are good musicians, artists writers and tend to be gifted speakers with an intuitive understanding of the right thing to say in the moment.

People with their Moon sign in Pisces often have difficulty not knowing what they want in life and for this reason you may experience feelings of discontent and melancholy over battling through your life. Just remember that you have a great capacity for doing work that will make a lasting impression.

Soul Journey of the Pisces Moon sign: Your soul goals include the conquering of hypersensitivity and fluctuating emotional currents. Your lesson is to have greater control over your personal energy field and to protect your energy source being drained by others. You are to transcend a victim consciousness and establish healthy boundaries. Your connection to universal human pain gives you the power to embrace the truth of love and oneness in order to unselfishly serve humanity.

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