Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra personality is friendly, affectionate and tolerant. Read how to calculate your Moon Sign.

The Libra Moon Personality

Libra Zodiac Sign

The Moon in your birth chart reflects how you react intuitively to everything in your environment. It also represents your past, your imagination, your home life and nurturing abilities.

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You possess a polished, charming interpersonal style. This personality has a need to surround themselves with many friends and relate to others harmoniously in order to feel a sense of peace. Balance is a keyword that is extremely important to you.

You sometimes find it hard to understand your emotions and may come across as evasive or even insincere but this is not the case.

You’re thoughtful and always trying to think of new ways to interact with others. You may be highly indecisive due to attempts to take into account the consequences for both yourself and others in every decision you make. This may lead you to miss opportunities that are presented to you.

You have a tendency to sit on the fence, but possess an instinct for fairness. You’re noted for your skills in diplomacy and you tend to be agreeable to keep the peace.

Your gift is an artistic vision. Your home is beautiful and you want it to have a peaceful feel to it.

Soul Journey of Libra Moon: Your soul goals are to discipline your extreme mood swings, and to conquer the need to procrastinate and keep up appearances. You would be wise to develop a healthy balance and true values concerning justice, sex and money. You would shine working within a team with all types of humanistic plans and projects.

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