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The Art of Letting Go

There's no doubt about it... it's hard to master the art of letting go. It's as if we're hard-wired to hold on to stuff - even to junk that doesn't serve us anymore. 

We hold on to emotional baggage as much as we gather clutter in our physical space... and the combined effect of collecting so much stuff is chaos, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  

what's keeping you stuck?

The first step is to figure out what you're holding on to and what is keeping you stuck. It may help to create some private time with your journal so that you can reflect on the things in your life that feel heavy and stagnant.

Start with your physical environment:

  • Are there spaces in your home that are untidy and disorganised?
  • Do you own a lot of stuff that deep down you know you don't need?
  • What does your wardrobe look like, your tupperware drawer, under your bed?

Once you've taken stock of your surroundings, consider what's going on in your emotional life...

  • Are you holding on to fear, anger, guilt, or baggage from the past?
  • Are you struggling to reach your goals due to procrastination or perfectionism?
  • Are you a victim of  too much busyness, stress, excess, noise? 

If you're not quite sure what's keeping you most stuck in your life right now, take our quiz below... you may just be surprised! :)

how to master the art of letting go

Once you're clear on what you're holding on to, you need to create a vivid picture in your mind of the sense of freedom and relief you'll feel by letting that sh*t go. 

Start by taking action on the physical stuff that you're drowning in. Do one HUGE de-cluttering session over a weekend, or let go of a few things every day - whatever works for you. The guiding principle here is to only keep what brings you joy. 

Once you've managed to make some space in your physical environment, move on to letting go of painful emotions. Stop drinking the poison of anger, bitterness, or resentment. Free yourself from fear and guilt and shame. Refuse to wallow in old memories that make you feel awful. Instead, make your journal your new best friend. Write it down, then let it go...

try a fire-burning ritual

One of the best ways to release painful emotions that don't serve you anymore, is a fire-burning ritual. If you have unresolved pain, anger, bitterness or resentment, write that sh*t down on  a piece of paper, say everything you need to say, then light a candle, and burn it. The symbolic act of turning your pain to ashes is not only potent, but profoundly healing. 

Try it for yourself... you'll be amazed how much relief you'll experience, both from the writing down of it, and the letting...

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