The Cancer Man in Love

Want to know more about the Cancer man in love?

The Cancer Man in Love

The Cancer man is usually very connected to his feminine side due to Cancer being the sign of the Great Mother. Although your energy is predominantly feminine, your masculine side is more intellectual than physical. You desire a partner who will follow your lead for a mutually pleasing love life.

’All Cancerians are influenced by the Moon and your mood ebbs and flows with the lunar cycle.’

You have a wonderful sense of humour and appreciate the lighter side of life. You love history, reading and music and may be a keen collector of books, antiques or anything that seizes your historical imagination.

You’re shrewd with money and good at saving. You dislike parting with your money but at least in the seduction phase of romance, you’re very generous. You’re very much into commitment and once your relationship progresses into something more serious, you’ll place a high value on a household budget.

You’re a sensual partner who falls in love easily. You struggle to deal with rejection and can be a possessive partner. You have a deep need to know beyond all shadow of a doubt that your partner is faithful. Your own fidelity runs deep and you’re willing to provide your soul mate with as much security as you need.

You are very affectionate, with profound levels of empathy and an instinctive understanding of the human heart. You will go to any lengths to please the object of your desire.

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