The Cancer Woman in Love

Want to know more about the Cancer woman in love?

The Cancer Woman in Love

The Cancer woman is a wonderfully feminine creature with an interesting mix of vulnerability and strength. You are fiercely protective of your nearest and dearest and an excellent homemaker. At the same time, you’re just as much a good businesswoman as the scholarly type who can lose yourself in the historical path.

’The Cancer woman loves romantic strolls in moonlight. As a Water sign, so much the better when it’s near water.’

You’re not big on adventure, but secretly you’re highly sensual. There are emotional depths to you that are unlocked by the man of your dreams. Sentimental to the extreme, you love to collect things that have intrinsic value to you ~ old photographs, love letters and notes, and little gifts from those you love. You’re devoted to your family and mate.

You’re not an overt flirt, but the romantic side of you is gentle, deep and rich. Part of you charm is that you’re slightly old-fashioned. It’s a special quality that makes men feel protective towards you.

As with all Water signs, trust is an extremely important aspect of your relationship and you’ll never forgive a betrayal. You’re cautious about giving your heart away. The two things you need more than anything else are love and security. Once you commit yourself, you are deeply loyal.

Affectionate, romantic, imaginative and sweetly seductive, you can make your home a place that a man would never want to leave.

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