Cancer Lovers

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Cancer Romance

Romance Your love making style fluctuates between aggressive and sensual.

Cancer lovers are emotional creatures and love to celebrate the strength of their feelings when making love. You have a very sensual nature, and often only feel satisfied when with a partner you deeply care about. Before you’re able to relax and let down your guard, you need to feel safe and comfortable with your lover and know that they won’t exploit your vulnerability or hurt you.

Sensitive and emotional, you want lots of romance and affection. Cancer lovers enjoy hugging, kissing, and touching. Cancer lovers love to hear the words, ’I love you,’ as often as possible.

You enjoy creature comforts and security; adventurous and spontaneous seduction is not your style. A real home-body, you prefer to make love in your own bed. All in all, you most prefer a monogamous relationship with someone you love.

The Cancer Man

The Cancer man is super sensual and you love playing the attentive courtier. You bring candy, flowers and champagne, and love to take your partner to nice places. As a romantic daydreamer, you fall in love easily and deeply. It’s in your nature to spoil your lover outrageously.

You’re an affectionate creature who demands total loyalty and fidelity. You’re happiest with a woman who shares your dreams. You take your role as strong, masculine protector seriously and gift your partner with your full, constant devotion.

Between the sheets, you love spontaneity. You’re intensely imaginative and expressive, with an instinctual understanding of matters of the heart. You’ll go to almost any lengths to please the object of your desire.

The Cancer Woman

’There are secret emotional depths to her, and like the story of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince it takes love to awaken her eroticism.’ ~ Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

The Cancer woman may appear as shy and sweet, but deep down you’re a superbly sensual woman, burning with smouldering fire. Trust is of extreme importance to you and you’re vulnerable to being hurt. You don’t forget or forgive a betrayal in love easily. If offered love and security, you will only have eyes for your lover.

You’re a subtle flirt and love old-fashioned romance. You’re quite sentimental and devoted to you mate and family. Men naturally feel protective towards you.

In intimacy, you tend to be feminine, affectionate and sweetly seductive – the type of woman that a man never wants to leave!

Turn-ons in Cancer Relationships:

Your top turn-ons are security and sympathy.

According to Starsky and Cox, authors of Sextrology, Cancer romance is also characterized by the following turn-ons:

  • tall, strong women and men;
  • kissing, cuddling, spooning;
  • hotel rooms;
  • showers, bathing;
  • blindfolds;
  • rubber, latex;
  • swinging and one-night stands;
  • piercings;
  • nudism.

Tips for Cancer Romance

Pursue ease, comfort and fulfillment when it comes to all things pleasurable. Sometimes you've just got to let go and embrace hedonism!

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