Cancer Relationships

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Cancer in Love

Cancer, you are one of the most loving and demonstrative of the zodiac signs and require a partner that is warm, open, demonstrative and tactile to be at your happiest. Cancer dominates the area of family and domestic affairs and in any relationship that you enter into, home-making is at the forefront of your mind.

Casual affairs are generally not something that you feel comfortable with. You are primarily interested in long-term, committed unions. Most Cancerians still value the institution of marriage and you don’t take it lightly. Failed marriages and broken family life does not sit well with you.

Your mate is lucky to have you as a life partner. It gives you great pleasure to shower them with love and affection. Being one of the Water signs of the zodiac, you share a touch of Scorpio’s possessiveness and you can be quite jealous at times. Your justification is that you give so much of yourself to the relationship that you have a right to expect the same devotion in return.

With you strong intuitive nature you have the ability to naturally connect with others. You trust your intuition when it comes to finding a soulmate and rely on your own discretion and feelings as to the suitability of a partner. You don’t need friends or family to endorse your feelings.

You have a remarkable ability to love with both tenderness and passion. Once you find a lover who is willing to give you the same, you give your all. You’re a firm believer in equality and mutual respect. You will do best in a relationship where you let go of your fear of losing your partner and cultivate the habit of being quietly assertive.

You are a loyal and faithful friend and lover and these are wonderful traits for attracting the right mate into your life.

’You have a powerfully intuitive nature and connect with others immediately without any thinking process involved.’

Tips for Cancer Relationships

• Don’t let your shyness impact upon your social success. Develop the necessary skills to feel comfortable in any social environment.

• Beware that you don’t alienate your partner with too much possessiveness or jealousy. A relationship can only thrive where there is a good balance between togetherness and individuality.

• You have a tendency to sometimes give too much of yourself in a relationship due to a fear of rejection. Always remember that you have a right to get as much as you give. The only way you’ll keep the respect of your partner is when you draw a line in the sand and speak your mind when you’re starting to feel used.

• Be careful that you don’t jeopardise your relationship by assuming that others enjoy your unpredictability and rapidly changing emotional state as much as you do. Keep the communication channels open with your partner, so that you know when they find you confusing.

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