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Geminis are able to relate to the opposite sex like no other sign can. However, easily bored as you are, fickle doesn't even begin to describe you when it comes to romance. You're as easily distracted as a kid in a candy store, and love to sample each tempting treat that catches your eye!

Many Geminis find it challenging to be in a monogamous relationship, although you likely won't act on your impulses unless your needs are totally unfulfilled.

Ideally, you're suited to someone who won't stifle your independence and doesn't feel threatened by your flirtatious disposition. You also need a partner who will provide the mental stimulation you crave.

You find it difficult to acknowledge your feelings, but as you reach mid-life, you find yourself becoming more emotional, sentimental and sensitive.

You have a tender, kind-hearted side but your head will always rule your heart.

The most compatible Gemini relationships are usually with Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. In terms of polar opposites, you benefit from the honesty and integrity that is offered by Sagittarians.

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Gemini Love Compatibility

Gemini and Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

You agree with the logical and practical way that Earth signs view the world. You are, however, much more outgoing and wish they were more outgoing and lively. You invite them to trivia nights, help them with their computer problems and suggest lots of interesting things that you can do together to help improve their lives and develop the life skills they lack.

Unfortunately Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are likely to resist your efforts due to being rather anti-social. This frustrates you no end. Earth signs would much rather work things out for themselves. Even so, you understand where they're coming from and are generous towards them with your attention and time.

You and Virgo share Mercury as a ruling planet, and can have lively conversations. Gemini relationships with Virgo can be one of the more challenging combinations as simple discussions easily escalate into a war of words - especially when you insist on proving to them that you are right and they are wrong.

Gemini and Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs are good at communicating. They are, in fact, the most social and extrovert of all the elements. Topics of conversations include current affairs, the latest trends, gossip, technology, politics, gadgets, and the newest DVD release.

Librans, Aquarians and other Geminis are a great match for you because they understand your duality better than most. Because of your likeness, Gemini relationships with other Air signs don't lend itself to personal growth as much as romance with other elements.

Gemini and Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Gemini love with Fire signs are the best match. Fire signs are spontaneous and outgoing just like you, but they tend to have right-brain qualities, which means there are enough differences between you to keep life interesting. You have much to teach each other, and at the same time you respect the differences between you.

Of the three Fire signs, Aries and Leo are your most compatible signs. Sagittarius as your opposite sign is less compatible with you and more challenging. While you focus on details, Sagittarians see the bigger picture. You are both adaptable and flexible, and you might be strongly attracted to each other, but you may have real difficulty understanding each other's reasoning.

Gemini and Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Of all the elements, Air and Water relationships are the most challenging. You simply don't understand Water signs on any level. Their values are very different from yours, and their thought processes seem to defy any kind of logical or reasonable explanation, which you find frustrating and baffling in the extreme.

Water signs use their instinct and intuition rather than logic. To your way of thinking, these are inferior and highly questionable methods of assessment. However, water signs have much wisdom to offer you and you can learn a lot from them if you would allow them to show you.

The Cancerians, Scorpios and Pisceans of the world are light years ahead of you when it comes to emotonal intelligence. They can help you become more sensitive, compassionate and spiritual, and understand the value of emotions and intuition. They will never force their wisdom upon you however, as they aren't active / yang signs like you. They are yin and able to fill your heart with love and magic.

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