Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility

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Leo and Virgo Love Matches

The two of you can either be the perfect match or a perfect disaster. Leo yearns to be appreciated and Virgo is able to pick up on the detail of what makes your partner so wonderful – a list of virtues that Leo never tires of hearing. If Leo takes centre stage all the time, though, it won’t be long before the magic starts to fade. Leo doesn’t appreciate Virgo’s tendency to nitpick and criticize. Virgo won’t be dominated either. Virgo easily punctures Leo’s inflated ego and might just find it impossible to fulfil Leo’s need for constant flattery. When Virgo becomes too critical and judgmental for Leo’s liking, the golden glory soon loses its lustre.

Leo is attracted by Virgo’s intellectual nature, although Virgo struggles to connect to Leo’s dramatic nature. You are mismatched in the bedroom, as Leo needs more responsiveness from cool, reserved Virgo than is given. Virgo is practical and prudent; Leo is extravagant and spendthrift. Leo’s flamboyance conflicts with Virgo’s conservatism.

This love match will take a lot of hard work to flourish, but mutuality may make it work.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman captivates passionate Leo with her ultra-femininity. Virgo recognizes talent when she sees it – and Leo may become her life mission. In intimacy, she knows how to seduce and Leo is her dominant playmate.

Leo Woman – Virgo Man

The Leo woman creates a huge shift in Virgo man’s life. She adores being his queen and appreciates his gentlemanly ways. Between the sheets, Virgo is eager to please the fiery Lion.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Virgo Man

Virgo is captivating at first, but may bore fiery Leo over time. There’s no threat to Leo’s alpha male status and Virgo is happy to be a loving companion. Intimacy needs a touch of spice.

Leo Woman – Virgo Woman

This is a union that stimulates you both. A shared spiritual practice may develop, but jealousy and possessiveness may be a challenge. In the bedroom, Virgo enjoys playing a passive role as the object of Leo’s lust.

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