Healing Crystals for Capricorn

Did you know there are healing crystals for Capricorn to balance your positive and negative qualities?

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The Capricorn Personality

As a Capricorn you are ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline. You are hard-working, ambitious and resourceful. Capricorns usually achieve great success at a relatively young age. You have high expectations of yourself and others, but your lofty standards sometimes place a huge amount of pressure on you. It also leads to unrealistic expectations and demands on your abilities.


* The Capricorn Personality

Healing Crystals

Onyx increases your stamina and gives you a confidence boost. It helps you to be the master of your own destiny without being too hard on yourself. It's great for strengthening teeth and bones on a physical level, which are the associated body parts for Capricorn.

Azurite is a mind-expanding stone that challenges you to try a different track. It welcomes the unknown without fear and releases old belief systems. It is also great for facilitating self-expression, alleviating stress and attracting joy into your life.

Jet is great for business transactions as it enhances acumen. Jet has stabilizing qualities that help you create a sense of balance as much as it aids you to take control of your life.

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