Aries and Pisces Love Compatibility

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Aries and Pisces Love Matches

A protective impulse can be the spark that ignites this romance. Aries is fascinated by Pisces’ seductive and mysterious approach to love and romance. Aries will draw Pisces out of their shell, and Aries’ boldness and confidence combine well with Pisces’ fantasies and intuitions. Over time this union enhances each of your hidden strengths and deepest vulnerabilities.

Yours is an interesting union with personality differences that actually complement each other. Aries is vivacious and self-assured; Pisces is somewhat shy and easily led. Aries likes to be dominant; Pisces likes to be supported. Challenges may arise if Aries become too wilful and Pisces starts to feel bullied or overpowered.

If Aries can learn to be more tactful, this could be a happy union. The great karmic lesson in this partnership is that love conquers all, and compassion and empathy heal all rifts. The intimacy you share can gift you with the most exquisite out-of-body experience you’ve ever imagined.

Straight Relationships

Aries Man – Pisces Woman

You found her mysterious and alluring – she may even sweep you off your feet. The two of you settle into an easy give-and-take relationship. Intimacy is tender and enjoyable.

Aries Woman – Pisces Man

Aries needs to soften her demeanour to accommodate super-sensitive Pisces. This is a complex affair where differing needs creates tension.

Gay Relationships

Aries Man – Pisces Man

This is often a purely physical connection. You both awaken each other’s earthy, erotic spirit.

Aries Woman – Pisces Woman

You have totally different agendas, but are willing to protect and promote each other’s agendas. You have the potential to create a beautiful life together.

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