Aries and Libra Love Compatibility

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Aries and Libra Love Matches

This couple has a powerful initial attraction, possibly due to the fact that opposites attract. Each may supply what the other lacks. Mutual respect and cooperation provides a middle ground in this relationship, allowing opposing personality traits to blend in harmoniously.

The physical attraction and chemistry between you are a powerful force. Libra exudes elegance and beauty, while Aries shines with charisma and raw, animal magnetism. Aries aggression arouses Libra’s sensual nature and your love life may be quite unconventional. However, Libra craves peace, quiet and harmony, while Aries wants action and adventure. You will have to find creative ways to establish a healthy flow of communication and manage conflict.

Both of you enjoy an active social life, entertaining and pleasure, but you’re both restless. In time Libra may want to be with someone less demanding, and Aries will succumb to their need for someone more adoring. This union has the potential for a sensational affair, but a poor marriage.

Straight Relationships

Aries Man – Libra Woman

You appear to be the perfect partner to the Libra female, however, she’s seeking an uncomplicated union. Both of you are opinionated enough for this relationship to turn into a battlefield. The passion between you is a saving grace.

Aries Woman – Libra Man

You share a need for intellectual expression and freedom in intimacy. As a couple, you’re allies from the outset. In the bedroom, the Aries woman takes the lead.

Gay Relationships

Aries Man – Libra Man

The two of you are an impressive union – and you enjoy that knowledge. A shared vanity is your defining feature. Life together can be structured, but Libra struggles to stay on the straight and narrow. Intimacy can be a kinky affair.

Aries Woman – Libra Woman

The two of you challenge each other in most aspects of life and love. You have a natural antagonism towards each other, but use the tension between you as an erotic outlet. You’re wildly passionate with each other.

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