Aquarius Traits

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Main Aquarius Characteristics

The Eccentric

'Hell, there are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something.’
~ Aquarius, Thomas Edison

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is the individual and somewhat eccentric Aquarius. As an Aquarius, you’re on your own path in life. This is the sign of the inventor and the genius.

• There is a part of the Aquarius personality that is unique and not part of the status quo. Think weird, wacky, unusual, and electrifying. Aquarians are light years ahead of their time. The only drawback is that it sometimes makes you feel like an outsider.

• You have an inventive mind and your insight and rapid understanding of often complex ideas is exceptional.

• Sensation is of utmost importance to you, and messy emotional displays are minimal. This sign is not the warmest of the zodiac.

• You value friendship and have a belief that having a group of friends is one of the best parts of life.

• Aquarians have an active imagination and rich fantasy life, yet you’re tuned in to the currents of contemporary media and computers. You find the whole multimedia experience fascinating.

• Knowledge is sexy to Aquarians, while boring sameness is a huge turn-off.

• For the Aquarian man, communication is about sharing ideas and envisioning a better world. If that includes hugging, kissing and making love, then so much the better.

• The Aquarian woman is a cool customer. You love to break stereotypes and are game to try anything.

More Presidents of the United States have been Aquarians than any other sign.

Tips for Aquarius

If you’re wondering how to grow and develop into the best and happiest person you can be, Michele Finey has the following tips for the typical Aquarius in 'Secrets of the Zodiac':

• Try to be a little more compassionate.

• Don’t be afraid of anything you can’t explain.

• Learn to appreciate emotional intelligence as well as intellectual intelligence.

• Learn to meditate.

• Realise not everything has a rational explanation.

• Acknowledge that mystical and spiritual subjects can also be scientific.

• Consider the advice of the Water signs you meet.

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