Aquarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

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Aquarius and Scorpio Love Matches

You are two powerful personalities and the intensity of your passion can be electrifying. You are intrigued by the possibilities of a union between you, and if you have a mutual goal of creating a meaningful life together, this relationship can deliver on the promise.

It’s important to make your commitment secure by appreciating the uniqueness of your relationship. A sense of profound trust between you may allow both of you to pursue outside friendships and activities without triggering fears of abandonment or jealousy.

Your match can be a powerful antidote to loneliness and isolation. Your bond allows you to extend yourselves emotionally and in the world. You provide each other with the courage to expand your social life and your sense of connection is truly special.

Straight Relationships

Aquarius Man – Scorpio Woman

This relationship requires hard work to be successful, but it’s certainly worth the effort. You support each other to reach your individual goals. A sustaining sexual attraction smooths the rough patches in your relationship.

Aquarius Woman – Scorpio Man

The Aquarius woman and Scorpio man have a tendency to team up in a you-and-me-against-the-world kind of union and antisocial tendencies may increase when you’re together. Just be careful – when you turn against each other, sparks fly! Your passion is primal and you enjoy other partners.

Gay Relationships

Aquarius Man – Scorpio Man

If you’re in search for a support network, you will certainly find it in each other. Conflict may arise when you’re trying to turn joint plans into reality. A mediator may be beneficial to assist you in finding common ground. The two of you may drift in and out of love with each other, but your passion in the bedroom will go a long way in keeping you together.

Aquarius Woman – Scorpio Woman

Aquarius and Scorpio often enter into a relationship due to an unusual sexual attraction. When the relationship turns serious, Aquarius assumes a nurturing, maternal role, while Scorpio feels validated and respected. In the bedroom, one of you may feel that your needs are not being met.

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