What is Love?

What is love?

This is the question I recently asked on Twitter, only to receive the most eloquent thoughts and insights on the definition of love.

Not that it's an easy question to answer... It's not for nothing that love has been scrutinized, analyzed, revered and ridiculed through out the ages. It has been called intricate, ethereal and mysterious. It is also pure, primal and intense.

love hearts What really stood out were the many faces of love: self-sacrifice, romance, hurt, and love as a powerful universal force all vied for attention in my Twitter stream: As @Wingpoem so eloquently stated,

'Love is what writes poetry through us all.'

How true! @lippy73 sent me the following haiku:

'She asked – What is love? / And the heavens whispered – me / For eternity'

Thank you @lppy73!

...and more from @Wingpoem:

'Love is the heart's flood when it recognizes itself in another..'
'Love is that tug that pulls us when we are lost and blind and deaf and naked..
'Love is the Everything in the Emptyness..
'Love is the Song that we hear in Silence..
'Love is what catches us when we've let go of everything..'
'Love is what's breathing you and I this instant.'

and of course...

'Love is sharing your chocolate..' (to which I replied...'Nom Nom' :)

Thank you also to the following Twitter friends for their insightful comments:

@Yojinbo: 'Love is walking home / In the middle of a storm / And not noticing.' #haiku

@jadpad: 'Love is a powerful mix of colourful emotions that allows the heart to paint a portrait of beauty everywhere.'

@jadpad: 'Love is the music created when two souls come together as one.'

@ENNISmusic 'Love is trusting that the only way to the ONE is by completely embracing the many.'

@mandiebear 'my definition of love is giving of yourself to others without expecting anything in return.'

@nikki_morris: 'unconditional acceptance and support for self and others, able to separate person from behaviour, a deep soul connection'

@MeanderingSoul: 'Love is the joy of finding someone you can let into your heart and soul and the desire that they feel the same.'

@sensuouswife: 'Being loved is having your true self be fully seen, fully heard, fully delighted in.'

@sensuouswife: 'Being loved is having your true self be fully seen, fully heard, fully delighted in.'

@sensuouswife: 'True erotic love is when your beloved's face is more erotic to you than anyone else's naked body.'

@sensuouswife: 'Love is seeking your beloved's highest good. Wanting the best for them. Seeing the best in them. Offering your best to them.'

@lisahanockjasie: 'being with someone "in spite of" not just "because of"'

@KPRMARKETING: 'love is letting go of your doubts and trusting whole-heartedly.'

@CrazySexyCool: 'Love is hard work. It's devotion, commitment, unrelenting belief in the other person's character and abilities; patient.'

@TheExtravagate: 'What is love? Its a strong burning feeling you get in your chest but once you get it, it slowly cools away'

@bigggdaddie: 'Love can also be a source of great pain, disappointment and life long heart ache.'

@bigggdaddie: 'For...a man is never so foolish as when he is in love or debt...'

@willconley777: 'Baby don't hurt me. No, wait, do hurt me. No no: don't hurt me. Wait, no: do.'

@Trypnotik: 'The most wonderful and wildly misunderstood word in our lexicon. #love'

@birdynumnumz: 'what is love? "love is the only thing love is everything"

@ShipsofSong: 'The true meaning of love, to embrace all of humanity, to be fully human.'

RT @SerendipityJane: 'If God is love, and you were created in his image, what is love and who are you?'

So what is love? It remains difficult to describe... we have to taste it to know its flavor. Maybe we can just conclude with the following:

@thehulkster: 'Love is all of the above. Love is unanswerable. Love is knowing. Love is the only answer.'

@citytravelbug 'love just IS.'

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