Easter Trivia

Welcome to our Easter trivia page.With Easter around the corner what could be more fun than learning a few interesting facts about this spring holiday. Some of these facts you may know and some may surprise you. So sit back, relax and see how much you know about this wonderful holiday. Ready? Here goes with our selection of Easter trivia.

Did you Know...?

Easter baby

  • Did you know that church attendance increases by at least 5% in most churches for this holiday. While some of the increase is due to families getting together most people attend to hear the uplifting messages most churches present this time of year.
  • Did you know that the art of painting eggs goes back to the ancient Egyptians and Roman's and the art of painting these eggs actually has a name? It is called Pysanka.
  • The tradition of the Easter bunny was brought to America in the 18th century by German settlers arriving in Pennsylvania. In Germany the night before Easter children would make nests in their hats and hide them around the house. If they were good the Easter Hare would fill the baskets with eggs, sweets and sometimes small gifts. He was kind of a furry version of Santa Claus.
  • Ham is the most common meat served at Easter dinners around the world although Lamb is the meat of choice in several European countries. Why lamb? To remind people that the Lamb of God arose on Easter day.
  • Over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year and 76% of Americans believe that the proper way to nibble on these bunnies is by eating the ears first.
  • American's consume over 16 billion jelly beans at Easter. That's not bad for an Easter Candy that wasn't introduced until 1930. Kids prefer the red jelly beans, cherry being their favorite flavor followed by strawberry.
  • 700 million Marshmallow peeps mainly chicks and bunnies are sold each year at Easter. The most popular color for peeps is yellow followed by pink.
  • Speaking of Marshmallow peeps, time certainly did fly for these little sweet critters. In 1953 it took 27 hours to produce a Marshmallow peep today one can be produced in 6 minutes.
  • Did you know that Easter bonnets went out of style in late 1960s. It was all part of the anti-establishment movement of the time. However, many craft sites are now touting creating Easter bonnets to be used as centerpieces for your dining table to spruce up the holiday.
  • Last but not least, Easter is the only holiday that is not celebrated in one specific month. Easter can fall anytime between March 22 and April.

Whether you celebrate Easter as a Religious holiday or simply as time to spend with your loved ones, it is a special time to spend with those you love. Make the most of the day and if the conversation flags perhaps you can pull out one of two pieces of Easter trivia to get the ball rolling again.

Happy Easter Holiday!

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Read, reflect and be inspired. If you find something of value on our Easter trivia page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends.

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