Best Zodiac Symbol Tattoos

Many people choose zodiac symbol tattoos to show-case an important piece of their identity.

Zodiac Tattoos

It's widely accepted today that your birth chart can tell you and others a great deal about how you carry yourself in the world and how you deal with life's challenges.

The zodiac signs from Aries through to Pisces provide information about the basic differences that exist between people, and can lead to deeper self-knowledge and awareness.

The Zodiac Journey

Zodiac Symbol Tattoos: Scorpio Tattoo

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It's a common misconception that astrology is only about Sun signs and predicting the future. It's really about our own personal development and the underlying principle behind the practice of astrology is the idea that we consciously evolve as we journey through the zodiac.

The sequential order of the signs of the zodiac symbolises the various stages in this process.

... the only equivalent of the universe within is the universe without ...'
~ C.G. Jung

Examples of Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo Symbols

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