Virgo Women in Love

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Typical Virgo Women

As a Virgo woman you have a yen for cleanliness and tidiness, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend all your time cleaning the house. Being born under the female sign of the Virgin, there are many complex sides to you.

On the one hand you are shy and reserved; yet you are fiercely determined. You are practical when presented with a challenge and you’re not afraid to take life by the horns. In fact, you find great pleasure in finding solutions to problems that others may view as insurmountable. You can be very stubborn, which is a legacy of your strong will and determination to get things done.

It takes you a bit of time to relax around people and you prefer to remain on the sideline until you’ve made your observations. The decisions you make are based on fact rather than intuition. When you feel comfortable in another’s presence, you are confident about expressing your ideas and opinions.

Mercury gifts the Virgo woman with the knowledge to solve problems, as well as a rare flash of intuitive wisdom that serves to uplift those in need.

One of the Virgo woman’s greatest strengths is the ability to communicate well. You are excellent at analysing information and woe betides anyone who tries to beat you in debate. Others find your intelligence attractive, as well as your pureness of heart and soft nature.

You’re a great friend and others can rely on your support during challenging times. You are also particularly good at offering advice. You love to serve humanity and are genuinely pleased if you can be of help. Tasks assigned to you are carried out with practicality and efficiency.

One of your challenges is being highly strung. Mercury rules your nerves and tension can sometimes get the better of you. Take care that your mood swings don’t throw you out of balance. A good way to manage stress is talking about how you feel.

Mercury is a dual planet and you sometimes experience conflict in your desire to pursue a profession while at the same time provide a safe haven for your family. You have the will and the ability to manage both with flair.

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