Virgo Traits

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Main Virgo Characteristics

The Perfectionist

'We’re all in this alone.’
~ Virgo, Lily Tomlin

The sixth sign of the zodiac is Virgo, an Earth sign ruled by the messenger god, Mercury. Mercury rules thought and Virgo is a thinking sign. Virgo has to work hard to shut down the parade of annoyances and focus on detail that can make life unnecessarily complicated.

• Virgo is the most flexible of the Earth signs and you enjoy different and challenging experiences. Seeking perfection, however, is a lifelong quest.

• Virgo is one of the hardest working signs in the zodiac. Many Virgos are late bloomers though, because you prefer to learn about a subject thoroughly, so you avoid making mistakes.

• Virgos have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and lightning-quick mind.

• Others may mistakenly view you as being inhibited, but it’s more about practising discernment than anything else.

• Your attention to detail is legendary and your mind works by making lists.

• Hygiene and cleanliness is a big deal to you.

• People get the impression you are interfering and pushy when all you really want to do is remedy imperfection.

• Nothing impedes your creativity and sensuality more than being criticized.

• The Virgo man demonstrates perfectionism in exact planning of details. He pays attention to his own personal grooming and appreciates a partner who does the same.

• The Virgo woman has an internal sense of organisation. She is deeply sensual even though she never advertises it.

Many notable writers are born under the sign of Virgo: Agatha Christie, Stephen King, D.H. Lawrence and Leo Tolstoy to name a few.

Tips for Virgo

If you’re wondering how to grow and develop into the best and happiest person you can be, Michele Finey has the following tips for the typical Virgo in ’Secrets of the Zodiac’:

• Try not to worry too much.

• Strike a balance between time spent alone and time with others.

• Every so often go out and meet new people, even if you don’t feel like it.

• Remind yourself that you are beautiful and lovable on a regular basis.

• Give yourself a beauty treatment once in a while, or have a massage.

• When you don’t know how to do something, ask for help.

• Consider the advice of the Air signs you meet.

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