The Virgo Relationship

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Virgo Love

Virgo, you have enormous expectations that have to be met before you will commit yourself to a relationship. Everything has to be exactly right – and even minor personality flaws in potential partners can get you off side. Small things that others might view as totally insignificant, like your date using the wrong cutlery on your first night on the town, is enough for you to shelve a relationship.

You need your practical and emotional needs cared for by your partner, but you’re lukewarm in the romance and passion department yourself – at least in the initial stages of a potential union. For you, much like fine wine, love gets better with time.

In the beginning stages of your relationship, you show your love in practical ways. You also appear quite shy and reserved, but once someone has gained your trust, you come out of your shell and become highly creative and playful. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, will keep you young at heart well into old age. Your love life will need a lot of communication to remain interesting to you and you value wit, general knowledge and intelligence in a lover. If your mind is stimulated, your body will follow. You do romanticise love and view it as a divine bonding of souls. Once someone ticks all the boxes – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – you give your all to your partner.

Intimacy is an expression of true love for you. In bedroom terms, hygiene, purity and the appropriate time and place are a must. You respect long-term commitments and value the dedication inherent to marriage.

If you’re hurt in love, it takes you substantial time to recover and to trust again may take a long time. With the right partner, you can have a wonderfully pleasing relationship with a good dose of humour.

’You’re at your happiest if your brain is stimulated as much as your body.’

Tips for Virgo Relationships

• You’ll be happier if you lower your expectations somewhat. A need for perfection is so ingrained in you that it may be hard for you to compromise, but sooner or later you have to learn that all humans are subject to flaws.

• Consciously create as much passion as you can in your love life. It may not come naturally to you at first, but as you well know, practice makes perfect.

• Don’t give up on love if a relationship doesn’t work out. Give yourself time to lick your wounds and then get right back into the game. Somewhere out there, the perfect partner is just waiting to grab you and never let you go.

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