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Typical Virgo Men

The Virgo man has a definite advantage in their keen eye for detail and noticing things that other people miss by a mile. One of your talents is the ability to analyse, dissect and catalogue all that comes your way for future use. You want to know how things work and really get to the heart of a subject. Since your mind can be fairly unemotional, you can be relied upon to provide an unbiased opinion on any subject you’re asked about.

As a good judge of character you’re especially good at reading the people who enter your sphere of influence. You may hang back a bit and be a silent observer at first, but it’s unlikely that you’ll change your mind about someone once you’ve put them under the microscope and sized them up.

Being ruled by Mercury (the same planet that rules Gemini), you have an interesting duality to your character. What people see is not always what they get – you just let others see what you want them to know about you and not a single bit more.

You’re not one for fireworks between the sheets. Passion is not really you style but you have no equal in terms of being a loyal and reliable provider for your partner and family. Your love is expressed practically through supporting and caring for those you love.

The Virgo man is a good judge of character in both practical and professional fields.

Your biggest challenge is to give your analytical brain a rest and allowing matters of the heart to take centre-stage. You may be surprised how this softer side of your nature might reveal to your partner what a lovable person you really are!

Although your keyword is ‘service’, you would do well to ensure that it comes from a pure heart rather than your mind-space. Make sure that you don’t work too hard and that you create adequate time for rest and relaxation. If you focus on enjoying the simple things in life, it will give you strength to keep giving the best you can!

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