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Virgo Romance

Romance Virgo lovers keep their passions on a tight reign, but you are not quite as pure as one might think. You don’t make a big production of your sensuality, and have a reputation for being rather modest. Yet, in the bedroom, you exhibit your innate earthy side.

You may find it difficult to fully relax and enjoy yourself when making love. Your perfectionist nature can be a challenge when it comes to intimacy as you tend to be critical of yourself and your partner. However, your manual dexterity and attention to detail make you a skilful lover.

Neatness and hygiene are important to you, so you expect your partner to be squeaky clean. You also prefer an environment that is free of clutter and distractions.

The demands of work and family sometimes diminish your passion, but the cooling trend is usually only temporary.

The Virgo Man

The Virgo man is a sensitive and sensuous creature. You have a deep respect for women and are drawn to those who exhibit a vivacious nature. You detest emotional scenes and tantrums, and you find it challenging to express your own feelings.

You are discerning when it comes to the choice of a mate and the one you choose has to measure up to very high standards. You reject any suggestion of coarseness, or careless conduct in a woman. You can be quite demanding and critical, and romance is not your strong point. Yet, in the early light of dawn, you will still be there.

You have loads of pent-up sensuality. As a lover, you have simple tastes. You’re direct in your approach and what she sees is what she gets. Quality is your style rather than glitter, and the right woman will be rewarded with rich and memorable passion. You can read more about Virgo men on our Virgo man in love page.

The Virgo Woman

’Virgo’s enormous capacity for loving will pour out, as from a rich treasury, once her emotions are unlocked.’ ~ Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

As a Virgo woman, you may appear remote and unreachable, but once the layers of your deep sensitivity are revealed, you are warm and responsive in intimacy. Emotions scare you a little, but you have a great capacity for loving. Your amorous nature blossoms within the safe boundaries of true love. When you feel secure, you lose all inhibitions and adore pleasing your man.

You can be extravagantly sensual, and endlessly willing to experiment with anything that heightens ecstasy. You want to be won over, pleased, and fulfilled. You’re at your happiest with a partner who gifts you with unconditional love and loyalty. You can read more about Virgo women on our Virgo woman in love page.

Turn-ons in Virgo Relationships:

According to Starsky and Cox, authors of Sextrology, Virgo romance is characterized by the following turn-ons:

  • older, experienced lovers;
  • submission;
  • handcuffs;
  • teasing;
  • role-play;
  • toys and gadgets;
  • massages;
  • hygiene;
  • tantric techniques.

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