Valentines Day Wishes

Wondering what women really want for Valentines Day? I asked my friends on Twitter - and here are the top Valentines Day Wishes for women.

What Women Really Want

Holding Hands

No doubt most women have romantic souls - and Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love.

What women really want is as varied as each individual personality:

'To be treated the same way everyday... that's my take on Vday.' ~ @lizscherer

'Love letters' ~ @tesschallis

'This woman wants a plane ticket to Florida! LOL' ~ @LatinaRose1

'Somethng luxurious, well-made and beautiful--a one-of-a-kind, handknit sweater or antique amethyst earrings.' ~ @susanbirk

'Gifts are nice but that gets old. I'd be happy to just spend uninterrupted quality time with my guy. Write me a poem and I'm sold!' ~ @chanellecarver

''s not the gifts that matter to me... it's quality time... taking a nice walk, romantic dinner, going to the movies... etc etc' ~ @emzadi78

'...facetime! No dates where we aren't looking into each other's eyes on such a special day.' ~ @cerena

'I think maybe to feel cared about and certainly loved ~ and to feel 'special'' ~ @libithina

But of course, not all women are boots-n-all into Valentines day...:

'Personally, I'm not fond of Valentines Day, except for giving my kids fun, little gifts.' ~ @Twyttlededum

'I'm not into the romance like most women. I hear chocolate & roses are big things.' ~ @paranormal_diva

'Getting rid of silly holidays wirh sexist roots--like, say, Valentine's Day--would be a nice gift.' ~ 2expatina

A special thank you to Chris, Todd and Greg who responded as follows...

' be made to feel appreciated.' ~ @UpstateChris

' of course, and diamonds. Seriously though? Being a 26 year married man, love/attention/focus.' ~ Tojosan

'It should be another day of what you've been doing the other 364 days, cherishing her like she is the only woman in the world.' ~ @gregoryfarley Now those are statements that deserve a hug!

My personal Valentines Day wishes? To feel truly desired by my partner in love... but then, I would love to feel that way every day!

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