Romantic Valentines Day Memories

Do you have some wonderful, romantic Valentines day memories?

If you do, I'd love to hear from you. Did a lover do something really special for you, or did you plan something extraordinary for your partner? Tell us your story!

Valentines Day Couple in Love Your memories may serve as somebody else's best ideas for Valentines day...

A Valentine's Day Memory

Allan writes: 'About five years ago, I decided to take my wife on a romantic day she would never forget. Being a romantic at heart, I knew that it would be equally fun for me to see her having the time of her life. So we began the morning innocently enough.

I awoke in silence and then made my way down to the kitchen, ensuring that she was able to sleep in. Then I set out to make heart shaped pancakes with cherries mixed in with them and topped them with strawberry syrup. Taking it up to her, I awoke her with a kiss.

After breakfast, I took her down to the car and we went out to the beach for the day. I had prepared a beautiful basket of cheeses and fruits and as we sat on the beach and enjoyed our basket of food, I told her there was another surprise.

Taking her by the hand, I led her back to the car and we went down to a local park. There, I had hired a catering company to make her favorite meals and we enjoyed a candlelight meal in the park before heading home at the end of a perfect day.'

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