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Thoughts on Giving and Getting

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Valentine's Day is one of those days in the year when 'getting' still seems to be far more urgent than 'giving'. How about making this one a day of being generous without expecting anything back in return?

It will do wonders for your relationship and when your focus is on giving from the heart, it doesn't even require a lavish bank balance.

To be rich in loving kindness is surely one of life's greatest blessings. Still, it seems all too natural to think about giving in financial terms first, about the material gifts we'd like to give and whether we can 'afford' to be truly generous, or not.

I believe that the magic of giving really comes alive when we refrain from thinking about it in purely financial terms. Generosity is an expression of what is in the heart. it is about caring and appreciation and kindness - things that cost nothing, but mean everything.

Maybe this Valentines day, you can focus on sharing appreciative or supportive words, or even just offering your undivided attention and time. Giving of yourself also changes how YOU feel.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy our Guide to Giving:

A Simple Guide to Giving Generously

1. Don't calculate what you are 'owed'. Give because you want to.

2. Redefine what you think you can 'afford'. Give something that doesn't cost a lot but means a lot: a hand-written letter, a note of appreciation, a poem that expresses your love.

3. Say 'yes' to something that your partner has always wanted to do and you haven't. Better yet, plan it as a surprise, give yourself over to it and make a decision to enjoy it. Go on, be brave!

4. Create a special memory. Plan a picnic in the park, or have an intimate party-for-two in the bedroom. Light candles, play music. Be happy.

Consider this...

We've talked about the joy of giving, but don't forget the joy there is in receiving graciously (especially when the gift is not perfect!).

Lastly, go into Valentine's Day light-heartedly. It's suppose to be a fun day, so be careful not to make it a day of pressure and expectations.


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