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Valentines Day History

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While the origin of many holidays are well known and studied, few people are aware of the history behind the celebration of Valentines Day.

Most realize that the day is a time for couples to appreciate one another and cherish their love. However, the majority does not know why February 14 was chosen, when the Valentine's Day was celebrated, and where it began. Learning these Valentines Day facts can be a great way to add to the special day for honoring your loved one.

In fact, before Valentine's Day was ever created, the date of February 14 was linked to relationships. The day is thought to be connected with fertility because it is commonly known as the day when mates are chosen by birds. However, it was actually February 15th at the Roman Festival of Lupercalia when men chose their wives. No one exactly knows how the date of February 14th began to be known as Valentine's Day but many do believe that it is connected to St. Valentine.

Another story connects love to Bishop Valentine in that he carried out secret wedding ceremonies for couples after Claudius II declared that men should not marry in the time of war. Bishop Valentine was placed in jail because of the secret marriages. While in jail, he sent a note to his daughter. He ended the note with "From Your Valentine".

Many other Valentine's Day fun facts are out there. Use some of this trivia to get your partner thinking more in depth about the day of love.

More Valentines Day Fun Facts

Here are a few more Valentines day facts:

* The first Valentine's Day gift was sent in 1415 by Duke of Orleans. It was sent to his wife.

* Almost ¾ of the flowers purchased on Valentine's Day are bought by men.

* Close to 5% of people owning pets give their animals a gift for Valentine's Day.

* It was thought in the Middle Age time that you would marry the first person of the opposite sex that you saw on Valentine's Day.

* During the Medieval period, the girls would consume weird foods on Valentine's Day. They thought these would make them dream of their soon to be spouse.

*Valentines Day is the second most popular time for sending cards. About one billion cards are sent out every Valentine's Day.

* Despite the purpose of the holiday, teachers actually receive the most cards on the day for sweethearts. Lovers come last for getting cards after children and mothers.

* Red roses are popular because they were the desired flower of the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

* Cupid became associated with Valentine's Day because he was the son of Venus, which was the goddess of love.

* Americans purchase over one million dollars in chocolate each Valentines Day.

* The letter X stands for kisses because those who could not write their name wrote an "x". During Medieval times the person writing the x would then kiss it to show that it was sincere and truthful.

Valentines Day facts are a great way to learn about the history of love and study the traditions that partners once carried out in the past. In some cases, there are many facts that can help lovers become closer today. Other Valentines Day fun facts are simply amusing to share.

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