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Many lovers celebrate Valentine's Day with the traditional dozen of roses and a trip to dinner at a crowded restaurant. While those ideas are nice, nothing says "I love you" more than unique and romantic surprises for Valentine's Day.

True love is shown when partners create gestures of love that are given much thought and attention. Valentines Day creative ideas are sure to capture the heart of any special one in your life. When planning your special day, consider some of these heart warming thoughts.

Valentine's Day all Day Long

In most cases, Valentine's Day is celebrated only one time on that day, usually at night. Surprise your mate by beginning Valentine's Day in the morning. Start off the day with breakfast in bed. Give your partner small tokens of love throughout the day all day long instead of bundling all of the love into one package.

Capture the Memories

Nothing is more romantic than a trip down memory lane. Begin well before Valentine's Day and gather all of the memories from your relationship. Place these either into a scrapbook (if you have pictures), a CD (if you have music), or a DVD (if you have video). It may even be fun to take a trip that includes all of the special places you have been as a couple.

Create a Coupon Book

Coupon books are always great fun. Create coupons of special things your mate would enjoy you doing for him or her. These may include a massage, a special dinner, or anything that you wish to add. Your mate can cash in the coupons whenever he or she desires.

Valentines Day Creative Ideas at Home

The traditional Valentine date consists of a night out at a fancy restaurant. Prices often soar this time of year. Cut your cost and spend more private one on one time with your mate by staying at home. Be certain to keep the special atmosphere of the night by dressing up as you would for a restaurant. Light candles and play music to add to the effect.

Follow the Clues

Rather than handing your partner a gift, send him or her looking for it. Nothing can be more romantic than the anticipation and excitement from a scavenger hunt for presents. Begin by leaving notes or rose petal trails around the home. End the hunt with you in a romantic setting.

Skip the Bought Chocolates

If you simply can not get away from giving your loved one sweets for Valentine's Day, at least skip the boxed ones. Be creative and make your own. Use heart sprinkles and candies to decorate cups of hot coco, cookies, and cupcakes. Serve strawberry mousse, red velvet cakes, or strawberry cheesecake heart bars.

Simple, thoughtful romantic ideas for Valentine's Day are often much more meaningful than the traditional, more elaborate gifts. Begin planning your special surprise day in advance and all of your efforts are sure to show. Your mate will be touched and have memories to last a lifetime.

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Read, reflect and be inspired. If you find something of value on our Valentines Day Creative Ideas page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends.

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