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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Men

Valentines Gift for Him

Let's face it, men don't want flowers or chocolates for Valentines Day. This doesn't mean they want tools or razors either. There is a fine line between corny and boring so you'll have to think outside the box when it comes to gifting your man with that special something this Valentines Day.While there are numerous options out there, consider some of these fine ideas.

Get your Photo Taken

One of the most popular Valentine gifts for him is a beautiful, sexy photo of yourself. Ask a friend to take one, or get one professionally done. Frame it and present it to your lover with a home-made card.

Create an Experience

Create a romantic experience that you partner will never forget. Give him a voucher for a hot air balloon ride, or book a harbour cruise if it's something you've never done before. Top off with champagne - and it's the perfect Valentine's gift.

Grab a Pair of Sexy Boxers

Deck your man out in stuff you'd like to see him in. Some boxers decorated with hearts or a silly saying that can stroke his ego will prove to put a smile on his face while he thinks about all the fun he'll have while he's wearing them... the trick is to make sure he knows you'd love to see them on him.

Consider Man Movies

Make the occasion one he won't soon forget by getting him a movie filled with action, thick plots, and lots of testosterone. Make him a hefty dinner and then enjoy the movie with him while sharing some ice cream or popcorn. The idea is to make him feel special, validated, and in love with your gift almost as much as he is in love with you.

Make up a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are popular Valentine gifts for men as you can individualize it to your partner's tastes. Is he a beer drinker? Fill it with beer goodies and tasty treats that you know he enjoys. Wine lover? Well, you know what to do. You can also make up a picnic basket that you can use for an outing immediately after presenting it to him.

Buy Some Lingerie

While this might seem like more of a present for you, it most certainly is a present for you both. Have him unwrap it then saunter off to the bathroom to try it on. Once you know it fits well, put a small robe on and enjoy some champagne and finger foods together in your candlelight room in your bed, and then let him see how it looks on you. He won't be disappointed.

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