Creative Valentine Crafts for Kids

Coming up with fun Valentine crafts for kids is a good way to get them involved in the occasion, and to teach them just what Valentines day is all about.

Valentines Day Fun

Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

All too often children know nothing more about the holiday other than that it's a time to give and receive special little cards at school. But the truth is that Valentine day is all about being creative and expressing your love to friends and family. What better way to get your children involved with the spirit of caring and love, than to come up with a few creative Valentine ideas they can participate in at home?

Make Your Own Cards

If your child wants to bring Valentine cards to school for their friends, banish the idea of buying them and instead invest in some craft supplies so they can make their own. Using construction paper they can cut out hearts and other fun shapes, and then write a short custom note to each of their classmates. Glitter, emblems, stickers, and doilies are all great ways to decorate the cards.

Make Your Own Jewellery

Let your kids use their imagination to make lovely Valentine's Day jewelry. Mix together a handful of different colored beads and jewelry cord, and your kids can put together a personalized necklace to wear or present as a gift to a loved one.

Make Your Own Garland

Garland is a great way to decorate the house, the kids' bedrooms, or even to take to school for decoration. Construction paper and some glue sticks are all that are really needed to get this project complete. However there are numerous ways the kids can decorate the garland. Once they have cut the paper into strips and glued them together by making rings, they can use paint and their fingers to create hearts, symbols, names, animals, or anything they feel like painting on the garland.

Create Paper Mache Crafts

This is one of those Valentine crafts for kids that can actually be implemented for many different holidays. Using balloons, newspaper, flour and water, you can help your kids make paper mache decorations that can be used around the house during Valentine day. You can color the paper mache mixture using food coloring- reds, pinks, purples and even oranges are great colors to use. Once the paper mache has dried, markers and other decorating supplies can be used to put that special touch on them.

Make a Piñata

This can be created similar to making the paper mache decorations, but you will want to make sure you use plenty of newspaper strips on the balloon so that a strong support is created. There are many ways to go about getting a final design, it really depends on how big you want the piñata to be, and whether you plan to actually fill it with candy and hang it.

You don't have to come up with any fancy Valentine crafts for kids in order to spend quality time together or to make sure the kids have a good time. In fact you can use simple Valentine ideas such as decorating old playing cards or paper bags, making kids' candy rings, or even writing love letters to friends and family.

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