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The Power of Gratitude

Let's reflect on the power of gratitude today, shall we?

"Gratitude" has become a bit of a modern-day buzzword, hasn't it! And I think that's with very good reason...

Our brains can quite quickly fall into what’s called a ‘virtuous cycle’, where one grateful thought leads to another and to another—each rewarded by a dopamine hit—and we begin to more easily and naturally spot the good in the world around us. 

Gratitude also dampens negative emotions, because our brains aren’t able to process both the positive and negative simultaneously. That’s why nervous flyers are sometimes encouraged to take a pen and paper on board, and to use the flying time to compose a long list of everything for which they’re grateful. Ramping up the warmth of gratitude helps dampen the negativity and fear.

It’s something that can work when you’re dealing with a difficult person, too—or a challenging situation. Imagine you’re scared of public speaking but you’ve been asked to do a presentation at work. Focusing on the positives—that the experience will help you grow, that it’s a great sign of trust in your ability, that your audience is genuinely curious about your message—is far more powerful and resourceful than focusing on a fear that you might forget your words, or speak too fast, or not know the answers during question time. 

The reality is that sad and disgusting and infuriating things do happen in life, and when we focus too much on them we create a breeding ground for fear. We come to expect more of the same—we almost ‘invite negativity in’—and there can be a feeling of being stuck in a cycle.

how to use The Power of gratitude in your own life

One of the simplest ways to combat negative thinking is to flood it with the opposite. Consciously search for things to be happy about or grateful for and choose to focus on those (even if at first it doesn’t seem to be working). 

It’s about creating new neural pathways that actively search for the ‘good stuff’, regardless of what else is going on. 

It's also a good idea to keep a gratitude journal. I've been keeping a gratitude journal for many years and it's a wonderful way to stay in a space of gratitude ALL THE TIME! I simply don't allow myself the luxury of a negative thought... And really, you shouldn't either!

So what are YOU grateful for today? Let's make a gratitude list... and let's make it long.

You in? :)

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