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The Naked Truth

Have you noticed how often you find yourself stuck in old attitudes and behaviours even when they no longer serve you, and even when you know deep down that they make you feel wretched and worthless? Like a bird that won't fly out of its cage when the door has been left open, it may seem easier to stick with the old patterns you know. Perhaps you have become attached to your comfort zone, even if it's a profoundly uncomfortable place to be.

You may know that a change is long overdue, but too afraid to look too closely at your own version of reality... What if you have made your partner wrong so you don't have to acknowledge your own contribution to the pain you find yourself in? What if your victim-stance is nothing more than an illusion, carefully designed to keep your false beliefs and errors of judgement intact? What if your feelings of stuckness are just an excuse so you don't have to step into your own power? Maybe you need to reflect on what you're gaining by insisting that your version of the truth is the only truth...

To get our of your comfort zone and change your outworn habits, you must want something more than the status quo. You must long for the naked truth - the truth that isn't coloured by your own perceptions, wants and needs. You must be willing to give up denial and judgement, and whatever else stands in the way of the true self: your excuses, arguments, defenses and justifications. You must willingly surrender the negative stories you tell yourself about your relationship and your beloved. You have to let go of the drama and disaster so you can break open to authenticity.

There is nothing like the highest truth to renew your mind and guide your emotions. It has a magnificent purifying influence on your relationship. To be in truth is to be fearless in the service of the greater good. To be in truth is to surrender to discomfort and uncertainty. To be in truth is to let go of your assumptions and relinquish the fantasy of control so that you can see yourself and your beloved clearly. The true nature of the Self is Love. Nothing more, nothing less.

The door of the cage is open. Spread your wings and fly.

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Mindfulness Moment

  • Breathe steadily and let go of all the internal noise.
  • Consider what it means to fully BE in truth.
  • Know that no matter what, all is well.
  • Know that even without the excuses, the justifications, the drama, all is well.
  • Draw strength from this thought, and re-enter your day.

Such is the Beauty of Love.

Mia Rose xo

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'You can bend it and twist it... You can misuse and abuse it... But even God cannot change the Truth.'

~ Michael Levy

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