Taurus Traits

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Main Taurus Traits

The Sensualist

’Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.’
~ Taurus, Sigmund Freud

The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus, one of the powerhouses of the zodiac. As a fixed sign, Taurus may not be flashy, but the are rooted in their senses ~ and whatever feels pleasurable. Material comfort and wellbeing are essential for Taurus.

• Taurus has incredible body strength, and you are happy to use it in pursuit of pleasure. You love to languish and spend lazy time with a partner.

• Taurus is stubborn, but to the bull’s mind, stubbornness is just good sense. You’re often unwilling to change your ways or try something new.

• As an Earth sign, Taurus is connected to the sense of touch and smell. Venus, your planetary ruler, also governs all manner of luxury, so as a Taurus, you revel in comfortable, plush surroundings – the more sensual the better.

• Taurus is a romantic sign, but you will retreat quickly if you don’t feel your efforts are being rewarded in the game of love. You love being loved and will a give a lot in return.

• You are turned on by money and have a strong urge to accumulate. In general, Taurus is a security-minded sign and wants to know the parameters of the game before plunging ahead. You crave stability.

• Honest, determined and infinitely patient, you are one the quiet achievers of the zodiac. • The Taurus man is a solid citizen who is romantic and sensual. • The Taurus woman can be recognized by her sustained energy and love of the outdoors.

Taurus is normally a placid, calm sign, but when Taurus loses his temper, nobody wants to be near the explosion.

Tips for Taurus

If you’re wondering how to grow and develop into the best and happiest person you can be, Michele Finey has the following tips for the typical Taurus in ’Secrets of the Zodiac’:

• Recognise that change is part of life.

• Compliment and praise others on a regular basis.

• Recognise there are people with different opinions and values.

• Don’t be in a hurry to judge people.

• Every so often go somewhere you have never been before.

• Try to keep an open mind.

• Consider the advice of the Air signs you meet.

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