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April 20 - May 20

Welcome to my Taurus Personality page.

The Taurus Zodiac Symbol

Taurus Zodiac Symbol

The Taurus personality is very attached to stability, material obsessions and the way things are. They tend to hold onto things - including their emotions - which can make them seem insensitive at times. Taurus personalities tend to move at a steady, slow, but strong pace.

Find out more about the Taurus profile, as well as good and challenging Taurus traits below.

Taurus Profile

The Taurus profile is that of an achiever with a great amount of patience. They need to do things in their own time, are uncomfortable with change and don't like to be rushed into anything new. One of the reasons why the Taurus personality is so successful in their endeavours is that they persevere when others quit. They have a tendency to be lazy and self-indulgent, but can be quite energetic when it's on their own terms. One of the most dependable signs, Taurus can be counted on in most situations.

Maybe more than any of the other signs, Taurus personalities adore color and beautiful things. They are inspired by art and music. Down-to-earth on the one hand, they also have a great appreciation for money and things that are valuable.

Taurus are carers and givers by nature, and though they hardly ever show it, they have a temper that can take others by surprise. They are happiest at home, surrounded by those they love. Private and guarded at times, they are very faithful to those their nearest and dearest.

For more on Taurus, see the full Taurus Profile.

Taurus Traits

Good Taurus Traits

* Faithful

* Sincere

* Patient

* Brave

* Affectionate

* Dependable

* Solid

Challenging Taurus Traits

* Stubborn

* Naive

* Possessive

* Self-indulgent

* Obsessive

* Plodding

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