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An Honest Site Review is a vibrant community for anyone who is interested in finding their dream tattoo, as well as artists who would like to connect with other tattoo artists or share ideas. Tattoo me Now: Tribal Tattoos

The Place

I have always had a great love and respect for the art of tattoos. When a good friend on Facebook pointed me in the direction of, I was more than interested to see what they had on offer... and I have to say the site blew me away.

Once you've signed up to receive your pass, access is granted to a growing image gallery of thousands of stunning tattoos, as well as beautiful photo galleries. There is also an up-to-date section that provides information about tattoo events, news, articles and resources. Anything you've ever wanted to know about tattoos? You'll find it here.

The site is well organised and easy to navigate, with the following sections:

* A Designer Gallery
* A Members Gallery
* A Discussion Forum
* A Studio Directory
* A Video Vault


This is a one-stop community that provides anything and everything needed to choose exactly the right tattoo, or to create one if you desire something unique. Everyone is encouraged to find an image that is truly meaningful for them - and with so many quality examples, just about anything is possible!

Signing up to also entitles you to three bonus products, each of which is the price of membership worth on its own!

The first bonus product is an audiobook and ebook, You and your Tattoo: What you Need to Know. The second bonus product is another ebook, titled Got Ink? which provides essential information on choosing the right tattoo and how to best care for it when it's done. It also contains 250 inspiring tattoo photos. And lastly, there is an ebook with 3,300 names and words in Chinese.

The Price

My personal view is that a tattoo is a lifetime investment. Just think how much we spend on clothes and jewellery - and none of it we have to live with forever. The $27 investment for a year's membership (or $37 for a lifetime membership) is money extremely well spent.

For me, the true value is in being part of a creative and helpful community, all sharing a true love of tattoo art.

Other benefits include,

* You have instant access to a host of resources upon signing up and you can download and print as many designs as you like for your term of membership (one year or lifetime).
* New designs are added to the galleries on a consistent basis.
* There are loads of ideas, inspiration and resources, including thousands of beautiful designs.
* There is a special forum dedicated to discussions between artists.

Just beware, it's fun to browse (especially the video vault) and this site can easily become addictive!

Five stars!

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