Sun Sign Lovers

Want to know more about sun sign lovers? The secrets of the zodiac provide clues as to why people born under certain signs are good love matches and others have challenges.

Zodiac Love Matches

Sun Sign Lovers While some love matches are more challenging than others, the key to making any relationship work is to accept and embrace differences. If you can put yourself in your partner's shoes, it's a lot easier to empathise rather than condemn. Acceptance enriches your relationship by creating harmony, whilst at the same time allowing you to integrate both of your diverse qualities.

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Your Sun sign is one of the main elemental influences, but keep in mind that love matches according to astrology are defined by your Moon, Venus and Mars signs as much as you and your lover's star signs.

If you dig a little deeper, your relationship may show a great connection between these signs, which will assist you in overcoming any challenges signified by the connection between your star signs.

Many astrologers acknowledge the existence of what they refer to as 'ruler-breaker' relationships. These are theoretically incompatible zodiac love matches that are practically happy against all odds.

No one has all the answers to the mysteries of love but astrology can offer a new perspective to help you gain more insight into yourself and potential love interests, making the game of love just a little bit easier to play.

Elements of Attraction

Each sun sign belongs to one of the four element groups that form the basis of all matter and represent the building blocks of the natural world. You can learn more about the elements of love on our zodiac love compatibility page.

Fire and Air signs are yang, masculine and extroverted, usually with higher energy levels. Earth and Water signs are yin, feminine and introverted, with more of a private style.

The following element combinations are usually more challenging because of inherent differences in both the how and why of motivation and passion:

* Fire (yang) / Water (yin)
* Air (yang) / Water (yin)
* Fire (yang) / Earth (yin>
* Air (yang) / Earth (yin)

Understanding the simple qualities of the elements can make it a lot easier to appreciate the true desires of the heart.

Being of the same sign or element helps bypass some challenges that are generated by differences. On the other had, pairing two people of the same sign sometimes creates too much of a good thing.

* Two fire signs means high energy and passion, but competition about who's in charge runs strong. The key to harmony here is compromise and discussion.
* Two earth signs complement each other in practicality and sensuality, but these relationships can easily become boring. Challenges are also created around whose success matters most.
* Two air signs together enjoy lovely conversation, but there can be a disconnect between the body and emotions.
* Two water signs can get overwhelmed by languishing in so much emotion. The challenge here is to stay grounded.

Sometimes it's great to have insight into where someone's coming from, but other times so much sameness can spell double-trouble.

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