Sun Sign Astrology

You are able to reach your full potential by understanding how sun sign astrology works in life and in love.

Sun Signs

Sun Sign Astrology Liz Cheyne defines astrology as the study of planetary cycles with Earth as the central point.

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Throughout the ages, man, looking upwards to the night sky, has followed planetary movements and patterns. Astrologers have developed ways of interpreting these cycles, relating them back to the human existence on earth. Sun Signs and astrological predictions have been around in some form since the 17th century but modern astrology columns only took off early in the 20th century.

Sun signs (also known as star signs), refer to the sign of the zodiac the Sun was moving through at the time of your birth. It's important to know your Sun sign because it represents your authentic self. In your horoscope (or birth chart), the Sun defines the archetypal ways in which other people view you and shows you how you can most easily light up your own life.

'You may have noticed that the start and finish dates for each Sun sign vary, depending on the resource you consult. This is because the Sun moves from one sign to the next when ready - not simply at midnight for our convenience!’

Being the most powerful ruling planet, the Sun is the underlying energy that fuels all that you do. The Sun motivates and influences you and the more you are aligned with the primary qualities of your Sun sign, the happier you will be in life and love.

Even though the Sun is the single most important planet in the horoscope, it is not the only one. Both the Ascendent (your public mask) and the Moon sign (your emotional instinctive self) are also very important. Together the Sun, moon and Ascendant horoscope energies make up your basic profile.

Ruling Planets

'Like cycles within cycles and wheels within wheels, the planets interminably cross the expanxe of the heavens, tracing out the patterns of human history.'
~ Ed Tamplin

Each of the Zodiac signs is associated with a planet. If your ruling planet is receiving celestial blessings, all people born under the sign that particular planet rules will feel the flow-on effect. On the other hand, if your patron planet is under some sort of cosmic pressure, everyone feels the effect.

The ruling planet of each sign is listed below:

Aries: Mars

Taurus: Venus

Gemini: Mercury

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun

Virgo: Mercury

Libra: Venus

Scorpio: Mars (ancient) Pluto (modern)

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Capricorn: Saturn

Aquarius: Saturn (ancient) Uranus (modern)

Pisces:: Jupiter (ancient) Neptune (modern)

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