Signs of Being in Love

I've recently asked my friends on Twitter the following questions: 'How do you know when you're in love? What are the signs of being in love?'

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What are the Most Telling Falling in Love Signs?

Signs of being in love

I received wonderful responses on falling in love signs... this is what my Twitter-friends said:

@Lasheta: 'when you see them your heart skips a beat...'

@Lasheta: 'when you can't think of anyone else but them....they invade your thoughts'

@AlilSuga: 'knowing you are in love is when you take the time to know what moves that person and you do your best to make it happen.'

@Chris_pinkapple: 'When you can let him look into your eyes and keep looking into-me-see!'

@A_Jabril: 'having a feeling of compelling willingness to make onseself vulnerable'

@A_Jabril: 'when one experiences an overwhelmingly compulsion to give oneself to another'

@recipe4romance: 'When you feel that sense of peace ..and the other person feels like home to you.'

@kinkycostumes: 'we will love the person's every action...'

@Fabalish: 'you are in love when there is nothing that you wouldn't do to get to him... there's no earthly measure strong enuff to to stop you'

@bonitagringuita: 'You know you're in love when sharing the same breath makes you giddy.'

@WeeFeea: 'you do and say things that don't make sense...'

@PsychicEnergies: 'Most people do not find their Soul Mate but their Karma Mate, here to kick their a*se, to learn lessons from... very painful'

@PsychicEnergies: 'When you feel good about YOURSELF in that relationship... if it isn't easy, it isn't real...'

@Happysoul: 'When self-love and self-worth are complimented but not validated by your partner'

@Happysoul: 'When mundane irritating behaviours of your partner are still endearing after a gazillion years together'

@derekrootboy: 'Love is a reciprocal relationship or it is nothing. Nothing but stalking, infatuation or lust.'

@Suzyqbee10: 'NO NO You have it wrong... Mortgage paid, kids educated, cars paid for, health insurance, and you can roll over and say, God I love you... gray hair and all... now if you get to that... THAT IS LOVE'

@haikubee: 'Being in love: offering to clean the cat litter tray every day.'

@jackiewalker: 'when your heart hurts from being so open.'

@Twinz_Mommy" 'when it hurts like hell but you keep going back!'

@yourdeVie: 'being in love: the universe spins in a slow dance far beyond logic, the sensual senseless touches one's impenetrable heart'

... and then a bit of debate was sparked on the question about the signs of being in love...

@rebeccaelia: 'If you are asking that question, then you are not in love.

@malyk77: 'how do you know you are in Love, when you do not ask yourself that question?'

@PsychicEnergies: 'If you are asking that question you are an intelligent human being... it's those who do NOT ask that later feel the pain...'

@PsychicEnergies: 'People should fall in love with themselves in another body - therefore know yourself and you will know what to look for in a lover...'

Thank you so much for the participation... it's been great fun!

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