Short Love Poems

Short love poems capture the different faces of Love in all her magnificence. @ChrisTwitery stated it beautifully on Twitter:

'The beauty of love / sharing its radiant forms / in triplicate please'

Love Poems

Short sweet love poems are perfect to share with a loved one - in a letter, preferably written by hand, and mailed. But first, consider for a moment how to write a poem:

How to Write a Poem

Wondering how to write a poem? It's really not that difficult. The best short love poems come straight from the heart. Don't feel that your poetry has to rhyme. It's sometimes easiest to express your feelings in free-verse.

First decide on a theme. Think about how you feel when you're together or apart. Keep it simple, but make it personal. Focus on what is unique about your love and use sensual words to describe it.

Your poem doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be sincere.

Here is one of my own short love poems on how to write a poem:

Labour of Love

It doesn't have to be
a gourmet meal, it could be
left-overs, or a few
fragrant herbs: just
notice, then toss

a few words together and don't try
to be a connoisseur, this isn't about
perfection, just a simple recipe

for satisfaction, and like all great feasts
a labour of love.

~by Mia Rose

Examples of Short Sweet Love Poems

There are beautiful examples of micropoetry on Twitter. Here are a few of my favorites:

'Listen to her speak
She melts chocolate with her voice
I must eat her up'
by @senryunectar

'Hands her a flower
red for his love and passion
one perfect tulip.'
by @tiny_epic

'You left your whisper
on my pillow, the winter
lies upon the ground'
by @JemFyr

'You won me
with gruff morals
like caloused hands
I’d smooth

You wooed me
with tinkering
like an engine
to improve'
by @tinylittlepoems

'Your scarf hangs on my radiator
you left it there
it wraps its way around my dreams
and leaves me gasping'
by @tinylittlepoems

'My song is simple
you’re the rhythm, I’m the riff
meet you at coda.'

'Doused by flame, burnt by
water ~ our kisses, they set
fire to melodies.'
by @Tobuno

'Lover breathes me in
holding me in the gaze of
her beautiful eyes.'
by @Wingpoem

'My heart became still
I listened to it's whisper
"Who loves you breathes you..."'
by @Wingpoem

'My head to your chest
Listening to your heartsong
It sings me to you..'
by @Wingpoem

'Beneath this moonlight
Two with kisses share themselves
Each with the other..
by @Wingpoem

'my beautiful girl
cornflower hair
alabaster skin
long limbs
delicate feet
blue, blue eyes
smile that forms just so'
by @mehtoole

'when i'm with you
i want to wrap you
in my arms
i want to touch you
i need to
the need fills my senses
until all
i'm aware of
is you'
by @mehtoole

'thrash midst flames burn still
breathe her smile in - bursting
sufferings flower'
by @Alismcg

'You touch my waist
the light
from your fingertips'
by @mamasanta

'where you breath sits in-between your mouth and mine that is where I float'
by @planethealer

'lush summer meadow
emeralds in the sun
sparkle half so green-
when you laugh with the children
I'm lost in your shining eyes
by @dengary

Examples of Love Sad Poems

These are mine:

'First light of dawn breaks
the darkness, first sight of you
breaks my heart.'

'Little white daisy
my question burns hot
Oh! he loves me Not.'

'...sometimes she flies high
often she dies the small death
but mostly she cries...'

And from my Twitter-friends:

'like shards of sharp glass
reflecting a thousand suns,
my brave broken heart... '
by @NotOneNotTwo

of old letters
- where is she, now'

'Those three little words
Sometimes hurt more than they heal
They're not meant for me.'
by @nina_m

'You found me... When I lost me
You loved me... When I hated me
You blessed me... When I cursed me
You left me... When I loved you.'

For more poems on heart-ache and sadness, visit my page that is dedicated to love sad poems.

If these short sweet love poems resonated with you, you may want to stop by my page on beautiful haiku poems.

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