Writing Short Love Notes

Surprise your partner with short love notes to show how much you care. Little things mean a lot - and if you really want to impress them with your romantic ideas, show some creative flair!

Romantic Love Notes

Short Love Notes

You'll be sure to catch your sweetheart's attention with romantic love notes that intrigue or excite them. They're sure to appreciate love notes that will make them smile, wonder or even something sexy that will light their fire. Try the following ideas:

- Leave a note tucked under the windshield wiper of your partner's car that says, 'I love your car... but I love you more.'

- Write 'I love you on colored Post-It notes and stick them all over the house.

- Send a dozen roses, but with a romantic twist. Choose eleven red roses and one white rose with a note that says, 'In every bunch there's one that stands out - and you're that one.'

- Write 'You're the One for Me with soap on the bathroom mirror.

Funny Love Notes

Inject a dose of humour into your relationship by leaving short notes in unexpected places for your partner to find:

- Write a note on an egg in the refrigerator that says, 'You crack me up :)'

You can even write funny love notes on a roll of toilet paper.

Sexy Love Notes

If you're in a passionate mood, give your partner the following sweet love notes:

'(Your name and surname) invites you to a banquet. Main course - (your name and surname).'


- Put a note on the tv that reads, 'Why don't you turn me on instead?'

- Send a single flower with a note that says, 'Where? Where-ever you want. When? You decide.'

- Mail your flame a pack of matches with a note that reads, 'I'm hot for you...'

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Sweet Love Notes

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